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What if you had a mentor to help you navigate the maze of auditions and leverage your talents to rise above the competition?

Now you do!  This website is designed and created for singers, dancers, actors, and performers in every industry.  We are able to leverage our team of professionals to create a professional performance website in only 1-3 days!  Our team will purchase the domain, design the website and leverage your individual strengths and talents to create a professional performance website.  Talent agencies and management companies charge $100′s for these services, but we have streamlined the process so that there is less waiting, reduced fees, and a greater focus on designing a website that fits you as a professional performer.

For only $14.99 per month and a one-time website designing fee, we can get your website designed today!  We have now decided to include membership to our online membership platform which includes Performance Resumes – VIP Access and The Vocal Audition – VIP Access that provides exclusive access to 100+ resources including performance resume templates, business resume templates, references templates, worksheets, exercises, vocal warm-ups, piano accompaniments, and digital downloads for two publications, “The Vocal Audition” and “The Resume Manual – Performance.”

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